To aid in visualizing the innovative approach of the Freischütz Digital project, so-called demos for various project groups have been programmed to demonstrate by example the potential of the digital music edition based on the encoded data. These demos are: :


  • Dynamic Score Rendering

  • Dynamic Score Rendering

    Demo: Dynamic Score Rendering

    The demo “Dynamic Score Rendering” features the following applications:

    • customizes the music systems to be displayed (selects score systems)
    • renders multiple movements in parallel
    • shows shorthand notation written out in full (original notation vs. a performable text version)
    • highlights preconfigured phenomena
    • highlights details based on XPath

    Clicking on the title accesses the demo directly; it is also accessible via “Music edition: Edition” within Edirom Online.

    See Demos: Dynamic Score Rendering" in the menu for a more detailed description of the features.


  • Genetic Text Stages

  • Genetic Text Stages

    Demo: Genetic Text Stages

    The demo “Genetic Text Stages” features the following applications (accessible only in manuscript text sources)

    • selects individual text layers via a menu
    • gives a summary of all text layers at a glance
    • gives specific information about the writers, the type of correction process, and the correction contents

    This demo shows as an example the five different text layers of Weber’s personal copy of the libretto text (KA-tx4). See Notes to the Display of Text Layers for a more detailed description and explanation of this function.

    See also the relevant section in the documentation.

  • Text Annotations

  • Visualising Text Annotations

    Demo: Visualising Text Annotations

    The demo “Visualizing Text Annotations” features the following applications:

    • displays variance with a tooltip (with variance icon)
    • displays variance in a separate window explaining content (with clicked variance icon)
    • displays the different types of annotation with a tooltip (with annotation icon): single-passage annotations, annotations covering all the different sources simultaneously, etc.
    • links to the homepage of the Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Gesamtausgabe [Complete Edition] (WeGA)

    This demo illustrates the display of variances and annotations, especially from the single-source window (example: Weber’s personal copy of the libretto text KA-tx4). See Notes to the Annotations for a more detailed description.

    See also the relevant section in the documentation.

  • Text Variance

  • Visualising Text Varaince

    Demo: Visualising Text Variance

    The demo “Visualizing Text Variance” is applicable to all text sources and features the following possibilities:

    • a synoptic display of two arbitrarily-selected text sources
    • The optional display of variance and annotations (see the demo: “Visualizing Text Annotations”)

    With this demo any two (authentic or authorized) sources can be selected and displayed synoptically in a source window. See Notes to the Text Varianc for more information on the features of this demo.

    See also the relevant section in the documentation.

  • "The Freischütz Network"

  • Freischütz Netzwerk

    Demo: Das Freischütz Netzwerk

    The demo illustrates text analysis via “Topic Maps”:

    • presents the field of shared vocabulary featuring the predefined terms from the libretto sources and the reference texts
    • displays the related topics and the type of relations between the topics
    • displays the respective references for the terms in the texts
    • links to the texts within Edirom (currently still global)
    • offers in some cases a glossary defining the terminology

    Using “Topic Maps” this demo shows the shared vocabulary within Freischütz, d the libretti and reference texts, thus indicating the possible concepts that the texts have in common. See the more precise description of the topic-map demo for a more detailed explanation of this.


  • syncPlayer

  • Synch-Player Demo

    Demo: Synch-Player

    The demo features the following applications:

    • automatically scrolls the digital facsimile synchronously to the audio playbac
    • highlights the measure sounding while rendering the music text in modern notation
    • switches directly between various interpretations enabling their comparison
    • uses the keywords: “score following,” “music synchronization”

    See Notes to the SyncPlayer for a more precise description of the functions.

  • Multitrack Data Set

  • Multitrack Data Set

    Demo: Multitrack Data Set

    Within the Freischütz Digital project, three numbers (No. 6, 8, and 9) of the opera "Der Freischütz" have been produced by the Erich-Thienhaus-Institute (HfM Detmold). The main purpose for the recording sessions was to produce royalty free audio material that can be used for demonstration and research purposes. The recording was carried out by the Tonmeister students Stefan Antonin (No. 6), Florian Bitzer (No. 8), and Matthias Kieslich (No. 9) under the supervision of Prof. Dipl-Tonm. Bernhard Güttler, and Prof. Dipl-Tonm. Michael Sandner. Besides a professional stereo mix of the three numbers, the dataset provides the raw multitrack recordings from the individual microphones as well as individual group mixes that emphasize different voices or instrument sections.

    Clicking on: Multitrack Data Set accesses the demo and the more detailed description directly.

  • Single Microphone Switcher

  • Single Microphone Switcher

    Demo: Single Microphone Switcher

    The Single Microphone Switcher is a demo for exploring the recordings of the individual microphones used in the Freischütz Multitrack Dataset recordings. It sketches how the microphones were positioned in the room. The interface provides the possibility to listen to the individual microphone recordings. Furthermore, the instrument activation matrix, provides a visualization that shows which instruments are currently active (black) or inactive (white) at the current playback position.

    Clicking on: Single Microphone Switcher accesses the demo and the more detailed description directly.

  • Instrument Equalizer

  • Instrument Equalizer

    Demo: Instrument Equalizer

    An instrument equalizer provides the possibility to adjust the volume of an individual instrument in a recording without affecting the volume of the other instruments.

    Clicking on: Instrument Equalizer accesses the demo and the more detailed description directly.