Synch-Player Demo

Demonstrator: Synchro-Player

As score following and music synchronisation as such are not a new topic or problem that has been solved in our project, let us explain its relevance and focus in the Freischütz Digital (FreiDi) project. While the FreiDi project site in Erlangen, Germany researched on algorithms for audio synchronisation, the Detmold part of FreiDi worked on their digital music edition. In order to conform to the ideas of a critical archive the synchronisation data gained in Erlangen was incorporated into our MEI encoding, applying the principals of our CoRe-Model. That is to say: the individual MEI files for the recordings capture the synchronization data and link them to mei:measure elements in order to allow identifying which measure is being played at a certain timeslot of the audio. The mei:measures on the other hand reference our CoRE-file and thus allow a connection to the captured scores. This allows access to the digital facsimiles or even the encoded musical content.

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Direct Link to the demonstrator with a detailed description: Synchro-Player