Text-Variance Display / Visualising Text Variance

Text Variance

Demo: Text-Variance Display: synoptic view of two different sources

The variance display can also discern two different sources using the synoptic view. It is thus possible to select arbitrarily any two (authentic or authorized) sources and display them synoptically in a source window, either from the single source via the “Synopsis with Other Sources” view or via a general “Synopsis Window” within the libretto edition.

The demo shows this using Weber’s personal copy of the libretto text (KA-tx4) and the second issue of Kind’s libretto (D-tx2). The two texts are structured and ranged side by side, i.e., scene heading next to scene heading, speaker next to speaker, paragraph next to paragraph, line next to line….

The foliation of KA-tx4 appears to the left of the text, the pagination of D-tx2 to the right of the text.

The variances captured via core files and the annotations can also be displayed and hidden here and show up in the middle between the two texts in the three columns. Single-source annotations are assigned to the column of the respective source (here KA-tx4 to the left, D-tx2 to the right), annotations covering all sources and variance displays are in the middle column.
Annotations with an icon of two notes refer to “differing text in Weber’s autograph score.”

The variance display using the synoptic presentation has not yet been implemented in Edirom Online.

Click here to go to the Text-Variance Display demo.

See also Demo 1: “Text-Layer Display,” and Demo 2: “Annotation Display (single source)”.